The Lac Foubert Property is located in the northwest part of the province of Quebec in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue administrative region approximately 100 km north of the town of La Sarre at the junction of Carheil and Enjalran Townships close to the Quebec-Ontario border.

The Property consists of 18 mining claims covering a total area of 1,000m hectares.


The Lac Foubert Property is located within the structural Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The largest part of the property has basement rocks similar to those found in the western extremity of the Chibougamau-Matagami belt. On the property, rocks consist of sequences of basalts and gabbro sills from the Brouillan Volcanic Complex and Center Volcanic Sequence. Some outcrops of cherty rich sediments interstratified with basalt units of the Brouillan Volcanic Complex were observed. Several sills of gabbroic composition were observed during past exploration work and also during the recent visit by one of the authors. Some quartz-carbonate veins and veinlets are also presents in the volcanic and gabbroic units. The main mineralization consists of finely disseminated sulphides (25% pyrite and 5% chalcopyrite) in the andesite and/or the basalt. The cherty sequence shows the presence of small concentration of sulphides (pyrite and chalcopyrite). In the past exploration work, mapping and sampling have revealed some best significant values in grab samples: 0.16 oz/t Au (5.5 g/t Au), 1.11 oz/t Ag (38 g/t Ag) and 2.3% Cu.

The Lac Foubert Property appears to demonstrate the best potential for VMS massive sulphide deposits based on previous work on the property. Little work was focused on the precious metal potential.

It is recommended that an initial program of geophysical surveying (including Mag and IP), mapping and sampling to verify the western extension of the sulphide mineralization observed on the outcropping area be completed. Much of this work will be orientated towards the precious metal potential. This will be followed by a 1500 metre drill program to test potential targets defined by the initial exploration phase.


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